Who do we work with?

We always deal with our current and future partners or employees directly and openly. During the recruitment process, we place emphasis on information that best captures the candidate’s past work experience, their work ethics, etc. It is thanks to this attitude that we can always provide our partners with suitable work force in a relatively short timeframe. TRUST – that is our aim when working with our partners and employees.

Who are we?

As a recruitment agency, we have several years of experience on the labour market. As the founders of HERT Invest s.r.o., we use our experience in the areas of human resources, employment consultancy and agency hiring. While we focus mainly on the domestic labour market, we are also authorised to send our employees anywhere in the EU. Our aim is to apply our experience – listen to what others have to say, make careful choices, and communicate as best we can in order to ensure the successful future growth of our company in the labour market. We offer our partners qualified and reliable staff that best meet their requirements.

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We guarantee high-quality work force in a short period of time with a low turnover rate.

We will handle and process all administrative and employment law issues, such as signing and terminating employment contracts, payroll and social security agendas and framework agreements.

When selecting candidates, we make sure they best meet the specific requirements of our clients.


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